Capion Design

by Martin Capion

About me

A Danish freelance multimedia designer based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Martin is a 25 year old multimedia designer currently working freelance besides his studies. He works mainly with brand identities, various graphic designs and web design. When not rooting for the Baltimore Ravens to win another Superbowl, he is probably playing whatever new video game is out. He enjoys electronic dance music, good food and a cold coke while mixing various shapes and colors for his newest project.

What do I do?

Adobe Photoshop

I do everything from website mockups to retouching photos. Photoshop is like a third arm to me!

Adobe Illustrator

I mainly do logos, posters (And other print work) and illustrations. Vector based graphics are awesome!

Adobe InDesign

InDesign just makes your life easy when setting up design manuals etc. Gotta love it!

Web Design

I have basic knowledge of web coding - HTML, CSS and a little JS.

A small sample of projects

Contact me below

Martin Capion, Copenhagen, Denmark.

+45 28 595 776